PGA TOUR Culture

Our Mission

By showcasing golf's greatest players, we engage, inspire and positively impact our fans, partners and communities worldwide.

Core Values

Our Team is DRIVEN. We are:

  • DIVERSE. Our diversity shines through our backgrounds and perspectives, and we showcase golf as a game for all.
  • RESPECTFUL. We honor the game's rich history and values, and we act with integrity in all of our endeavors. 
  • INNOVATIVE. Our efforts constantly evolve in order to engage new fans, as we are passionate fans ourselves.
  • VIGILANT. We protect the TOUR brand, culture and mission. 
  • ENERGETIC. We bring enthusiasm to our work, thanks to our unique position in the golf, sports and entertainment industry. 
  • NEVER-COMPROMISING. Our commitment to excellence is nurtured by the positive impact we make on countless communities and lives.