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Global Home Interior Images (9/10/19)


Thumbs up from St. John's County: Interview with Melissa Glasgow, St. Johns County, Director of Economic Development.

June 11, 2019

Q:Can you tell us about your role?

MG: I coordinate overall economic development efforts in St. Johns County and work closely with other partners to attract new businesses to the county, as well as support existing businesses.

Q: How significant was the TOUR’s decision to re-affirm its commitment in St. Johns County and build a new HQ?

MG: Golf is woven into the very fabric of our community and having the world-renowned PGA TOUR headquartered here only serves to strengthen that bond. As the largest corporate headquarters in St. Johns County, the TOUR project represents an innovative, public-private partnership that will generate extraordinary long-term benefits. We thank the TOUR for its continued investment in our community.

Q: Why is St. Johns County an attractive location for not only the TOUR, but for other companies who choose to headquarter here? 

MG: Technical factors like highway accessibility and skilled workforce are certainly important. But companies like the TOUR have cited world-class beaches, a superior school system and a great quality of life as contributing to their decisions to move their families to St. Johns County.

Q: How does the county benefit from the TOUR’s presence in St. Johns County?

MG: Accomplishing this public-private partnership also generates $28 million in tax revenue, reduces county long-term maintenance costs and retains 800 high-wage TOUR employees, all providing extraordinary long-term benefits and a “win-win” for the TOUR and St. Johns County. The TOUR’s new headquarters will also help St. Johns County generate continued worldwide exposure. The media attention derived from their presence, and from THE PLAYERS Championship held each year, provides such a great showcase for the county. That exposure definitely helps benefit economic development, and we sincerely thank our partners at the PGA TOUR for their continued investment in our community.


TOUR Café 2.0: Interview with Kent James, National Director of Food & Beverage for Golf Course Properties.

May, 14, 2019

Q: How big is the new TOUR Café in the Global Home?
KJ: The new café restaurant and kitchen is roughly 8000 square feet with approximately 165 indoor seats, and 100 covered patio seats. From a culinary equipment perspective, we’ve designed the kitchen to be on par with what you would see inside the TPC Sawgrass clubhouse, or any competitive restaurant in the area. You could say we’ve over-designed the café’s culinary capability, but we wanted to create something that would allow us maximum flexibility to keep the offering fresh, exciting and ever changing with constantly updated and evolving menus.


Q: What types of food can employees expect to see in the new café?
KJ: In short, you can expect a much broader range of options and tastes than you see today. To try and put that in perspective, every day you’ll be able to choose from daily craft sandwiches and hot panini made fresh right in front of you, or a heartier “chef’s table” featuring hot items such as rotisserie chicken with sides, or daily flatbread pizza creations, or an extensive salad, soup, power bowl and healthier protein bar, or a wide assortment of “grab and go” sandwiches, snacks, fruits and specialty items.


Q: Rumor has it that there will be a pizza oven. Is that true?
KJ: That is correct, and it will be visible in the restaurant with chefs preparing and slicing fresh flatbread pizzas right in front of you.  


Q: Tell us about the coffee shop.
KJ: The coffee shop will be a separate entity from the café with approximately 82 seats and a selection on par with anything you will experience in the area or even during your travels. The daily offering will include specialty coffee and espresso drinks made to order by a highly-trained barista, made to order fresh fruit smoothies, cold-pressed juice blends made and bottled in-house, plus breakfast sandwiches, pastries, quick bites, and even acai bowls.    


Q: What will the hours of operation be for the café and the coffee shop?
KJ: We envision the coffee shop being open all day from approximately 7am to 5pm, and the café restaurant serving lunch from approximately 10:30am to 2:30pm.


Q: Will employees be able to pay in the café and coffee shop by simply swiping their badges?
KJ: We are still working on this part, but yes, currently we do anticipate offering this convenience.


"I would have been a movie star": Interview with Stephan Shenk, Clark Construction Superintendent 

April 16, 2019

Q: Stephan, tell us about yourself and your role in building the Global Home?

Shenk: I’ve worked with Clark Construction for 11 years out in California, from San Diego to Los Angeles. During that time, I have had a hand in some big projects with the San Diego Padres, San Diego State University, LAX International Airport, ARTIC train station in Anaheim, Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital and a prison for the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. I moved to Ponte Vedra last year to lead the Global Home project. As the Superintendent, I am responsible for the day-to-day operation on the job site, including managing our subcontractors, schedule, quality and safety.

Q: On a given day, how many workers are on site?

Shenk: Typically, about 100. On days when we are pouring concrete – which happens between 2-5:30 a.m. – we may have upwards of 120 workers on-site.

Q: When driving down Palm Valley Road, there is no hiding the fact that construction is underway. What has been completed so far and what is the next visual milestone? 

Shenk: So far, we have completed the underground utilities below the building footprint. We are 75 percent complete with the slab on grade. The North end is poured out through level two and we are starting to frame for level three. Through the month of April, you will see us completing the third floor and then starting on the roof. Concrete is scheduled to be complete by end of July. The next big milestone will happen later this summer when we complete the steel structure for the roof and glass curtain wall. At that point, the building will really start to take shape. 

Q:  Metaphorically speaking, if the journey of building the Global Home were a round of golf, what hole would you say you are on?

Shenk: Hole number three.

Q: Are we off the tee?

Shenk: I would say we are down the middle of the fairway, about 150 yards from the pin and hunting for a birdie.

Q: What do you love most about this job?

Shenk: Every day is different and there are always new challenges that present themselves. I enjoy working with the team to complete projects, problem solve and watch our hard work pay off when the building progresses. I make it a goal to connect with my team and that means knowing everyone by first name. This is family away from your other family and I have been entrusted to make sure my team makes it home safe every night.

Q: What challenges have you faced and any concerns during the rest of the project?

Shenk:  Coming from the seismic conditions in California, I did not have experience with the swamp and wetlands that we have here in Florida. As a result, the soil preparation is much different. Going forward, the summer weather, and specifically hurricane season is a concern. Structurally speaking, we are in a good place if there was to be a hurricane. Significant rain would be detrimental when pouring concrete and could result in longer hours for the team to make up the lost time.

Q: If you weren’t in this line of work, what do you think you would have done instead?

Shenk: I would have been a movie star.


Global Home Lab - 3/14/19

By Dave Cordero

Have you been to the Global Home Lab (located at SGV7)? There are a limited number of Free Style Fridays remaining for you and members of your department to see and work in the space. Your feedback will help drive the furniture and storage decsions in our new Global Home. Watch the video to learn more. 


Thumbs up for new Global Home Lab - 2/19/19

By Dave Cordero

As someone who is close to the Global Home project and regularly uses buzz terms like “modern workplace” and “change management,” I certainly didn’t expect my first experience in the new Global Home Lab to be so exciting.  

Afterall, I’ve attended various planning meetings, heard from numerous vendors and reviewed my fair share of office schematics. Like others, I had even walked into Sheila McLenaghan’s side of the building by mistake peeked inside the windows of the newly converted SGV7 (Suite 36) prior to the official opening of the test area.

But it wasn’t until I entered the space, found a workstation and set up my computer on one of the 5-foot sit/stand desks that I fully realized the potential of the space and the true collaborative environment that awaits us all at the Global Home. They tell me that the purpose of this initial test is to assess the storage capabilities at each workstation, but I couldn’t help but take notice of the entire scope of the room.   

Maybe it was the openness of the space, or its simplicity, uniformity functionality, or maybe, the mere absence of bothersome fluorescent lighting that we have all grown to loathe. Whatever it was, the Global Home Lab boasts a vibe that is both modern and energetic.

After reading this, I’m hopeful you will be clamoring to get into the Global Home Lab before it closes on April 26 (keep your eye out for a calendar invite from your department head). In the meantime, don’t forget about Freestyle Fridays – a time for any employee to visit and/or work in the space. Choose from multiple workstations, an office or maybe a huddle or focus room. Remember, there are six parking spaces labeled for the Global Home Lab and carpooling is encouraged due to the number of vehicles in Sawgrass Village. 

As you go through the space, consider how fortunate we are that the TOUR has put resources in place to allow us to experience a space that simulates our future working environment. I can’t imagine many other companies going these same lengths to solicit feedback. #ThankYou

Speaking of feedback, the success of this “test” is predicated on the survey participation. So, I encourage you to lean into this project and be vocal about what you like and dislike.

A move of this magnitude happens once in a lifetime. We’re lucky to be a part of it.



Global Home Concrete Pour Day 1 - 1/22/2019

By Internal Communications


Communication is Key - 11/6/2018

By Kirsten Sabia

Recently, we’ve made significant strategic investments in our sport including a revamped FedExCup, increased player compensation, and most notably, a partnership with Discovery to elevate the consumption of our content globally.   Rest assured there will be more investments, both small and large, but the biggest change on the horizon will come in 2021, as we prepare to move into our new Global Home. It is our hope that through the Tuesday Tap In, Jay’s 9:18, the Intranet, PGA TOUR YOU meetings and other internal communications vehicles, you feel “in the loop” when it comes to the crazy concept of all 32082 employees from 17 locations converging under one roof.  

We’ve also learned that, like a good neighbor, the PGA TOUR is there. Whether that be with regular editorial meetings with the Ponte Vedra Recorder or answering questions from inquiring minds on Nextdoor, we want to make sure transparency extends to our neighbors as well. Another tactic we’ve begun is the Global Home “Road Show,” which includes speaking engagements at various rotary clubs, church groups and other community gatherings.

Last month, I had the chance to speak at the Ponte Vedra Beach Rotary – Sunset chapter and was inspired by the enthusiasm of those, who like so many of us, give back to their local community. They were wowed by the images of our not so small house, by the landscaping vision and most importantly, that we – as one of the biggest employers in the County – have planted our stake in the ground for many years to come.

Above all, they were  grateful to be in-the-know  and feel that we are on their side when it comes to preserving the Ponte Vedra Beach community. One comment of note was from a long-time resident who said, “all along I was skeptical of the project and the TOUR’s intentions; but since hearing the information directly from the source, I’m excited for your team and for the entire Ponte Vedra Beach community.”

If you are connected with any groups in the area and would like the TOUR to present our “road show,” please contact me and we’ll get your neighbors on board! – Kirsten Sabia

PS: One more for posterity.


Senders Beware! - 10/8/2018

By Internal Communications

Long gone are the days when you could use PGA TOUR email to sell Jags tickets or, gasp, accidently reply-to-all when signing up for a personality workshop.  #ColorMeEmbarrassed

As the TOUR has grown and evolved, so have our email standards.  Company-wide email policies protect against security lapses, misuse, lost productivity and exposure to computer viruses (shameless Greg Hassler plug).

Still, there are times when our PVB-based employees receive emails that apply to only a small percentage of the total TOUR universe. We’ve recently put mechanisms in place to allow you to determine personal notifications for Championship Management Housing & Transportation emails or tournament logo changes, for example, through the creation of Groups.

And now (drum roll!), only a limited number of employees will have the ability to send an all-staff email; unauthorized messages will come back as undeliverable. Please contact Dave Cordero in Internal Communications to ensure your message reaches the intended recipients.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we race down the Change Management road.

Holy Robin, Doug Edwards! - 9/25/2018

By Jenn Lagner

The old adage, “what happens in Veranda, stays in Veranda,” was broken earlier this month when new touchscreens (aka: The Robin System) were installed outside the conference rooms in the East and West buildings. There are also plans to install outside of conference rooms throughout Sawgrass Village conference rooms. #pluggedin

In addition to their pretty-color stoplight functionality, the touch screens serve a purpose when used correctly. Remember to “check-in” directly on the screen before the meeting starts to ensure you secure the room. Beginning October 1, the space will be unreserved if check-in does not happen within 15 minutes of the meeting start. If you have any questions, #BlameDoug or check with IS.

The change management process is our opportunity to pilot new technology that promotes efficient employee collaboration and allows for mass adoption to ensure we hit the ground running on day one in the new Global Home.

View brief overview on Robin Room displays. Thank you for your continued feedback!


Eye in the Sky - 9/11/2018

By Chris Condon

I have been flying Quadcopters, or more commonly known as “Drones” since DJI released the Phantom 1 platform in 2013. It had a battery life of about 10 minutes, and you could attach a GoPro camera to it. It was primitive, but I was excited to finally be able to capture aerial photos and video without the prohibitive cost of a helicopter or airplane.

Fast forward to today, and we now have drones with 4k video capture and automated flight programs, with batteries lasting up to 30 minutes. It is the beginning of a new era of aerial imaging that is being used worldwide in Cinematography, Search & Rescue, Agriculture, Mining & Construction.

This technology is going to be an integral part of documenting the construction of our new Global Home. We will be flying our Dji Phantom 4 Pro, as well as our new Inspire 2 on regular missions to capture all phases of the build. We will be creating video clips and collections of still photographs that can be used for site inspections, posterity and media updates.

Watch short clip to get a better understanding of the cleared space and to see where the building will take shape.

Stay tuned for more Global Home progress updates.


Architectural Review Update - 08/28/2018

By Kirsten Sabia

Last Tuesday, the PGA TOUR presented to the Ponte Vedra Palm Valley Architectural Review Council for approval on our new Global Home building finishes (think: paint color, window glass, structural components). While this was one of many meetings over the past 18 months of Global Home planning (or as Jim Triola refers to it, “escaping Sawgrass Village”), this one was particularly significant. Beau Johnson from Foster & Partners presented myriad samples, explaining how each element was representative of the simple palette inspired by the landscape of Ponte Vedra and the desire to be in harmony with it, which has been “the ethos of the project since day one.”

Element examples included the matte, not shiny, roof panels (which, interestingly enough, have the only applied color on the entire exterior of the building); the light-as-possible, exposed concrete to resemble the sand of our beaches; the neutral-as-possible grey glass samples to avoid unnecessary reflection; the “expanded bag” skylight material which matches what is used in the new Minnesota Vikings stadium; and the fact that the pools flanking the building will be no more than 29” deep.  

The quorum of three panel unanimously approved, citing “it’s wonderful,” “it is going to be a major complement to the community” and “it will be one of the architectural jewels of northeast Florida.” 



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