Return to Work

The TOUR has been conferring closely with our medical consultants, local governments and internal teams to develop and implement building and behavior protocols to mitigate as many safety risks as possible. As such, we have developed the materials below, which outline the Phase 2 protocols, effective June 22, 2020. We strongly recommend all staff read the documents from start-to-finish to better understand our wellness and sanitation guidelines.

Included in the TOUR's plan to return to work safely, we're asking that everyone (employees & contractors) complete a YouCheck survey prior to accessing any TOUR property. This survey will provide you with the clearance needed to enter our buildings safely. If you do not receive a Green Check after the survey, please Do Not enter the building, and contact your manager for further instructions. 

Click here to take the employee YouCheck survey daily.

Click or share this link for contractors, vendors or other 3rd parties.